Hello Markus and welcome to Breakthrough. Our magazine is dedicated to highlighting new talent making great headway in our industry. Also to provide a community for emerging talent developing their skills in Music Creativity and Business. Tell us a bit about you?

Hallo! I am a DJ, Producer, Label Owner, Radio Show Host and Promoter currently residing in Brighton. I have been running a very popular night here in the city called Berlin for nearly 4 years. I also run an Electronic Music Label called Dino Audio, which draws its sounds from Deep House through to Progressive House, Melodic Techno and Techno itself with the addition of lots of friendly dinosaurs!

The Club nights have been a massive success and has seen us grow from a resident inspired local Berlin themed party to one of Brighton’s most respected and well-known events. It’s been an amazing journey and the last 18 months in particular have seen us bring some massive names to Brighton as well as collaborate with German Record Labels and Clubs from Berlin.

Lets carry on from the Club Nights then, who have you managed to feature and what collaborations have you been involved in?

It’s been amazing, we have had the likes of Dave Seaman, Kellerkind, Superlover, Nhan Solo, Juliet Sikora, Cinthie, Just Her, Timo Garcia, Daniel Steinberg, Tigerskin, BAAL, Enzo Siffredi and many more. The next few months are equally as exciting as we have the likes of Timo Maas, Einmusik and Alex Niggemann joining us. In fact Alex will be playing for us at this year’s Brighton Music Conference.

We have also collaborated with some big German and UK labels, publishers and club nights such as Stil vor Talent, Mother Recordings, Kittball, Selador, Beste Modus, Arms & Legs, Ritter Butzke, Decoded Magazine, The Brighton Music Conference  and more. We also have a strong resident crew who are well known on the Brighton Circuit such as Lady Lola, POoK, Monica and Timo Garcia.

What is your involvement with the Brighton Music Conference?

The BMC has been growing every year and is the UK’s version of an electronic music conference such as ADE (in Amsterdam) and others held in Miami and Ibiza each year. It’s not on the scale of the others but it is certainly growing. The conference runs for 4 days with exhibitors and speakers at the Dome for 2 days and parties across Brighton happening in the evenings with pretty much every club venue and major brand involved. The Conference will have the big names attending such as Pioneer, Beatport, Korg, Native Instruments, DJ Mag etc with venues and brands such as Berlin, The Arch, Trickstar Radio, Patterns and others being at the forefront of putting on top events.

My involvement started last year when I hooked up with Decoded Magazine and the BMC to put on 3 events across Brighton in 2 days with Dave Seaman, Selador Recordings, Stil vor Talent and Kellerkind all involved. This year Berlin is an official partner and event again and we are flying over Berlin DJ and Producer Alex Niggemann as well as up and coming star Alice Clark from Ibiza, backed up with a strong resident lineup which includes Timo Garcia, POoK, Monica and of course me!

How much of your career so far are you responsible for? Do you take care of everything?

Absolutely everything! In my early years of DJing I used to get frustrated not being able to do the artwork, market myself correctly, build a brand or the right image. I taught myself everything so that now I don’t need to wait on anyone, I can crack on and get the show on the road from artwork, promotion, social media, marketing. This is one of the biggest pieces of advice I give to aspiring artists. Learn, learn and learn!

You also run a label called Dino Audio. Why Dinosaurs and what’s your inspiration?

Firstly I love Dinos and always have done. Secondly my little boy started getting into them about a year ago and it rekindled my childhood of learning, exploring and interestingly they have discovered many more dinosaurs since I was a kid! Joking aside, the label was always something I wanted to do but I felt I couldn’t really call it Berlin as it may pigeon hole us and plus we are in Brighton. I started a little trend on social media by taking funny pics of toy dinosaurs doing silly things, which people loved. The pics I thought would make great album covers and that’s how Dino Audio was born, a tongue-in-cheek label with fun at its core.

The label has been received well in the industry and we have 5 EP releases already under our belt with kudos from big hitters such as Danny Tenaglia, Above & Beyond, Eelke Kleijn, Matt Darey, Nick Warren, Armin van Buuren, Dave Seaman, Gai Barone, Davide Squillace,  Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Edu Imbernon and many more.

What’s on the imitate horizon for you? Any projects, tours or collaborations you are most excited about?

As mentioned earlier more events on the horizon for Berlin plus we’re looking to start Berlin parties in other cities. Looking to get into the studio and produce some music finally. Bookings are picking up with London, France and Berlin calling. Lots on the horizon, very exciting.

What one piece of advice would you give to another artist perhaps a bit earlier in there journey than you?

Learn everything you can from design, marketing, music production and promotion. Use every social platform. Always be prepared at gigs (extra USBs/Records/headphone jacks. Do your research on everything and surround yourself with people that make you fly.

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