Hello Matt and welcome to Breakthrough. Our magazine is dedicated to highlighting new talent making great headway in our industry. Also to provide a community for emerging talent developing their skills in Music Creativity and Business. Tell us a bit about you?

I’m 20, I live in Brighton and I’m a Minimal/Deep-Tech DJ, Record label owner and promoter!

I co-founded a night called ACID with my good friend Lucca.S and we threw a few parties, which turned out great and gave us a little faith in the current house scene in Brighton. But with our taste in music changing we’ve taken a step back and are planning a complete rebrand, keep your eyes peeled for that one!

I also founded my upcoming record label No Order Recordings as I wanted to showcase some of the finest upcoming producers from Brighton and beyond as well as reaching out to more mainstream artists to see if they’d be willing to have a go at making stripped back minimal/deeper tracks. I can only hope!

I have another secret project in the works that I won’t reveal just yet, and maybe not for a while? Who knows?

What brought you to the Music business? Who or what was most influential in your decision to take a music career seriously?

I always like to say one of my best friends, Lucca got me into house music about 6 years go, so credit to him on that one. I think my first DJ set at The Arch in room 2 is when I realised that I wanted to play music and make people dance!

When did you first release any music into the world? And what were the key points in your journey up to that point?

I haven’t released any music at this point as I’m yet to sit down and learn more. I love music and DJing and organising nights are my highlights for the moment.

Can you think of a particular point of frustration in your journey that you have managed to overcome ? If so how did you get over this barrier?

I think just the general current scene for house and techno in Brighton, you don’t even have to look back too long to see the difference. Apollonia, Cuartero, Greg Brockmann, Alex Arnout & LEON to name a few, used to be regular bookings compared to today’s R’n B and “VIP” clubbing culture.

I haven’t overcome it yet but I’m working on it with a complete rebrand with our ACID night, the new label No Order Recordings and my secret project.

With your decision to collaborate with fellow DJ Lucca S. to form  ACID, would you class yourself as an entrepreneur or just an artist?

Haha I don’t think I’d class myself as an entrepreneur whatsoever, Artist maybe?

How much of your career so far are you responsible for? Do you take care of everything?

Pretty much all of it, apart from my friends who help out whenever I need them to. I’m a very social person, networking is key in my books. I’d always give this advice to anyone thinking of getting into the industry.

So if we wanted to indulge in the world Matt Ortarix for the first time which track or mix tape should we start with?

My taste in music has changed quite a bit over the last 5 months or so. I’ve grown bored of tracks sounding far too similar, people seem to copy most of what’s in the current “tech house” scene. I lean towards Minimal / Deep-Tech sounds now, so I’d suggest my most recent mix: Rainures https://soundcloud.com/mattortarix/rainures

Have you had any key mentors in your journey for far? If so who are they and what were the crucial things they helped with and how?

I wouldn’t say any key mentors specifically but I definitely would say that people who helped me massively would be my girlfriend Ash for making me mature for my age and a lot of thanks would go to The Arch lot (they know who they are) who have helped me get into the industry and understand how things work, I’m grateful to have people that support me at my gigs more than anything. I see so many people during my sets who I have spoken to but I can’t remember their names! I feel so awful but big up to you lot.

What’s on the immediate horizon for you? Any projects, tours or collaborations you are most excited about?

Yes! My upcoming record label No Order Recordings is throwing a co-pro day & night party with our great friends over at Minimo, which we’re really looking forward to. We are planning to bring in other Brighton house and techno brands so that we can reach a proper crowd of music heads, people who want to dance and have a good time! No tours as of yet, I’d love to play out of Brighton, be great to get a proper taste of the London/European scene.

What one piece of advise would you give to another artist perhaps a bit earlier in there journey than you?

If you’re stepping into the industry be prepared to work hard because it does not get given to you on a plate. I’d say try to find the more underground side to the music you’re into, it’s always great to find intimate parties which are usually run by local people and is a great way to get into the scene. That way you can perhaps bag yourself some gigs/releases! Networking is key, doesn’t matter what you know, it’s all about who you know.


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