Professional Music Production Lessons

  • Become proficient in you DAW of choice
  • Learn about the complex role of the Music Producer
  • Industry standard and creative recording techniques
  • Understand how to use how all essential mixing tools
  • Develop your midi composition skills
  • Build your portfolio in digital music

The definition of the music producer has changed numerous times over the last few decades, and remains blurry to this day. Some interpret it as sound engineer while others think of it as beat making. The truth is that it can be both, none, and more than the above.

We believe that music producers in the 21st century play a much more holistic role and must have a larger and comprehensive set of skills, in order to perform their role with excellence.

Professional music production lessons offer training in the following subjects:

Topics Covered

Click on the titles below to learn more about each topic.

Sound Engineering

Perhaps the most obvious one in this list, every producer needs to know all the fundamentals of recording & mixing. This on its own is a very thorough topic, that stretches from knowing how to operate a DAW and a desk, setting up microphones, using mixing tools such as compression and EQ, obtaining workflow and more.

All of the above can be subdivided further into more areas of study. This might sound a bit overwhelming at first, don’t worry though, a lot of this is pretty logical and straightforward.

MIDI Composition

Weather you’re scoring music for sync, making EDM beats or even mapping drums to go with your heavy metal riffs, in the digital realm, you’re going to have to work with MIDI. The process of transferring your compositional skills into the digital realm can be jarring at first, especially for non pianists.

Whilst working on MIDI workflow with you, we can take the opportunity to look further into songwriting and composition if required.

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

DAWs are a bit like cars: everyone will have a favourite brand, some of them are excel in one area whilst being weaker in others. In the end of the day, they all do exactly the same job. Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Cubase 10, Ableton Live… These are only a few of the most popular ones.

It’s important to remember that what you will learn in one platform is transferable onto the rest of them. Besides UI layouts and sometimes basic terminology, nothing else is different.

Critical Listening

Although this is something that we train in all music disciplines, critical listening is of extra importance to production. As a producer, you will learn how to deconstruct songs and recordings down to the smallest detail. Learning to do so will inform your recording and mixing choice whilst producing other artists and your own material.

Your ability to critically listen will also come in play while you record other artists. During the recording process, it will be down to you to spot potential mistakes, or performance issues of your artists.

Coaching Your Artists

Following from the point above, as a producer you will often have to understand what very vague statements from your clients mean. Every  producer has heard or or more of the following phrases:

  • “We want our own unique sound”.
  • “Can you make this sound like… A bit bigger?”
  • “This sounds great but…” insert strange request here.

Using your critical and creative skills, you will be able to turn such statements into rational and creative mixing choices. The above might sound funny but it is more important than it seems. Your communication skills aren’t there just to decode mysterious requests, but to go further into coaching the artist so you can obtain the best possible performance out of them. You don’t want to be frustrating your clients, it will only make your life harder. We do promis, producing other artists is a lot of fun!

Professional Music Production Lessons are open musicians from all styles and genres.

Please Note: we don’t teach DJing or live sound. Although the latter has a lot of technical information in common studio engineering, we don’t have the facilities required to facilitate the process.


Our Coaches

Professional Music Production Lessons

Doe is a Brighton born and bred Singer-Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Record producer, Actor and Vocal Coach. Over the past decade he has built a portfolio career in the entertainment industry with special interest in Music. His professional career as a performer (actor/ musician) began at age 7 with his first professional appearance for Carlton Television.
The past 2 years has seen Doe develop a few key areas with his efforts focused on Directing and Producing music for theatre, Vocal Coaching and writing new material set for release in 2018.

Petros is a Luxembourg born Greek guitarist, composer, heavy metal performer & of course, teacher. Being raised with rock ‘n’ roll music from a young age, Petros’ evolution into the music industry as a performer was pretty logical.

Parallel to writing & touring with his signed band, King Goat, Petros has been teaching music in various forms, either this being fullon theory & practice at GCSE colleges throughout the South East, or guitar technique both at BIMM and in private 1-2-1 sessions. In fact he enjoyed teaching so much that he went and obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Further and Higher Education to always make sure he can be the best teacher he can for his pupils.

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