Advanced Guitar Lessons

  • Develop a technically proficient level of playing
  • Learn to compose and improvise using the guitar
  • Expand your horizons by studying a plethora of genres
  • Obtain valuable studio and session skills
  • Progress your overall musicianship
  • Build your confidence as a performer
  • Understand how to properly use amplifiers and effects
  • Find your own sound
Advanced Guitar Lessons

Advanced guitar lessons are reserved for those who are either actively seeking to or are already working in the music industry. Those who are looking to or are currently studying music at FE/HE level are also welcome. The focus of these sessions go beyond the instrument itself and into other relevant subjects such as recording, session, performance, songwriting, theory and other music industry skills.


Topics Covered

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Critical Practice & Listening

A critical and analytical ear ensures stable progress, growth, and indiependence to any practitioner. Whether we are training instrumental technique or writing music, by assuming the role of an external observer to our own method, we can greatly improve the quality of our practice. Are you doing your exercises correctly? Is your technique as good when you're performing as when you're practising at home? Are you picking consistently? What can you learn from your favourite artists and songs? Do you forget to breath when playing more difficult passages? Or maybe you tense up parts of your bodies that are irrelevant to playing?

Although some of the above questions might sound silly, they are a lot more common than one might think. If you've caught yourself thinking some of these or any other similar, then you have already started the process yourself!

Music Theory for Guitarists

Many frown upon hearing these two words put together. Let us demystify this term for you. Music theory is but another language, a set of rules that helps us communicate better. The majority of musicians lose interest in theory because it is not presented in context. Once you start experiencing how theory works within the confines of your fretboard, you too will sigh in relief.

Recording Skills

Recording music is such an essential part of every musicians career yet it's often overlooked as a practice subject. Music producers will more often than not have to coach guitarists during recording sessions on how to play along to a click track, rendering them a lot less pleasant for all parties involved. To yield the best results in a studio, it's imperative to be prepared.

Here at BADA we prepare you for these scenarios by making you record your work as often as required. Our good friend the metronome is always present in all exercises. A common subject is how to with deal with the dreaded "red light fever" that hits a lot of musicians in the studio.

Recording music should be an enjoyable and creative experience for all musicians. With the right practice, you too can become an efficient studio musician who can not only understand but speak the language of a producer.

Tone, Amplification & Effects

A good guitar tone is consisting from multiple elements. From your pick up selection, to the equaliser on your amp, every bit of hardware plays its part. Some guitarists choose to ignore this part of the process and strive for a stripped down "plug and play" approach. Truth be told, there is a plethora of choice in the market these days, that one might justify this approach. This is why it's important to know what's what and be prepared.

  • Amplifiers: From wattage to the number of channels, there are multiple aspects to our counterparts alone. Various stage of gain and amplification, equaliser, contouring, compression and more.
  • Creative use of Effects: modulation, reverb, delay and much more. When and how to implement them to your sound effectively.
  • Pedal Board Construction: following from the above, if you're not interested in multi effects and simulation stations, then you must learn the different ways of putting together your own pedal board.
  • Pick up: single coil, humbucker, active or passive, neck, middle or bridge position. What's more suitable for which situation and how to think creatively with their usage.
Composition & Songwriting

Regardless if it's blues, pop, rock, reggae, prog or heavy metal, chances are that your favourite songs started with just a couple of guitar riffs. Every musician out there eventually wants to unleash their creativity and share their music with other similarly minded people. Have you ever found yourself asking what makes a song great? Or maybe you've got some musical ideas in your head but you don't quite know how to externalise them? Chances are you're ready to start walking the songwriters & composers path.

Here's a short list of subject that are covered in advanced guitar lessons:

  • Analysing other musicians' works and learning from them.
  • Ear Training.
  • Music Theory in Context for songwriting and composition.
  • Multilayered thinking and how to write for more than one instrument.
  • Channeling influences into our work.
  • Improvising with a goal in mind.
  • Structure, HarmonyRhythm, Dynamics.


Session Skills

A question that we are often asked is how do you learn songs fast? The initial answer is as simple as keep learning as many songs as possible and don't stop. That being said there are a few extra skills that once mastered, really speed up the learning process too. Such skills include sight readingchord chart writingfretboard knowledgetransposing and more.

Any guitarist that is thinking of pursuing a career as a session musician, needs to have great control over all the aforementioned skills.

Our Guitar Coach

Advanced Guitar Lessons

Petros, Senior Coach

Petros is a guitarist, composer, heavy metal performer & of course, teacher. Being raised with rock ‘n’ roll music from a young age, Petros’ evolution into the music industry as a performer was pretty logical.

Parallel to writing & touring with his signed band, King Goat, Petros has been teaching music in various forms, either this being fullon theory & practice at GCSE colleges throughout the South East, or guitar technique both at BIMM and in private 1-2-1 sessions. He obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Further and Higher Education to always make sure he can be the best teacher he can for his pupils. Read More

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