Vocal Coaching in Brighton

  • Master professional technique for everlasting Vocal Health.
  • Build your personal repertoire in preparation for Live performance
  • Learn expansive diaphragm technique for projection and power
  • Develop Stamina & Deliver top class Vocal performances consistently
  • Build confidence & Performance technique
  • Take control of what you wish to learn.
  • “Professional Artist” is who you’ll Learn from.
  • “Professional Artist” is how you will be treated.
  • “Professional Artist” is what you can become!

Singing lessons are designed to give even more focused attention to the areas of your vocal development that need the most work. One-to-one sessions give you the input needed to take giant leaps as a vocalist. The privacy of a personal coaching session at BADA Studios is ideal for those who aren’t yet confident singing publicly. Vocal Coaching is also an ideal way for those hungry to reach their full potential faster, through a more focused and personalised journey. We can also use this time to begin the journey of developing aspiring artists, at any age or stage of their career. Your sessions are tailored solely to your voice and personal aspirations.


One-to-one sessions are the best environment in which to work on repertoire and advanced techniques, alongside popular topics such as Microphone Technique & Performance. It is possible to dedicate some time to Songwriting and other industry skills.

Do you do Grades?

Should you wish to study Vocal Grades, we currently support London College of Music Examinations up to first diploma in Popular Music Vocals & Musical Theatre.

What if I don’t want to do Grades?

Whether you choose to do grades or not, our coaches will push for your creative development. We will encourage you to reach your goals and dreams. This could be to become a YouTube sensation, a No.1 selling artist or just to experience the real music industry.

Our Vocal Coach

Doe is a Brighton born and bred Singer-Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Record producer, Actor and Vocal Coach. Over the past decade he has built a portfolio career in the entertainment industry with special interest in Music. His professional career as a performer (actor/ musician) began at age 7 with his first professional appearance for Carlton Television.
The past 2 years has seen Doe develop a few key areas with his efforts focused on Directing and Producing music for theatre, Vocal Coaching and writing new material set for release in 2018.